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Ensuring End-to-End Product Quality, Safety, and Performance

Excluding factory packaged materials, TransChemical tests both inbound and outbound products in our laboratories to verify product quality. In addition to other analytical capabilities, we use the following instruments to confirm the composition and performance of your products:

  • A Karl Fisher instrument capable of percent water determination on solvents
  • An Agilent GC/MS with an expansive library to detect the purity of products before shipment to the customer
  • An Anton Paar Density Meter that reads a substance’s density, specific gravity, and alcohol proofing to four decimal places.


Custom Product Development

TransChemical focuses on building long-term relationships by providing quality ingredients and chemical solutions for your business. This includes partnering with you to develop custom solutions that support your latest product offerings and industry applications, including:

  • Custom industrial or food-grade blends
  • Custom ethanol products for producing various distilled spirits
  • Custom specially or completely denatured formulas

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