Custom Blending

TransChemical’s blending capabilities enable our customers to leverage our purchasing power as well as manufacturing expertise to their own advantage.

Whether your focus is to lessen the managing of hazardous chemicals or to increase your concentrate on marketing and sales, Transchemical is the ideal partner for you. 

We can provide cost effective Toll or Contract Manufacturing services for up to 7,000 gallon batches in stainless mixing tanks and package in 55 gallon drums, totes or full truckloads.

Our Custom Blending is fully supported through our on-site laboratory to ensure quality.

The following recaps some of our capabilities:  

      Kosher Blending- Two 7000 gallons Stainless Steel Tanks

  • Deproofing Ethanol
  • Denaturing Ethanol
  • Processed for Bulk or Package

Solvent Blending- Up to 7000 gallons Stainless Steel Tanks

  • Solvent Blends
  • Process for package

Resin Blending- 3500 gallon blend tank

  • Epoxy and acrylic blends
  • Process for packaging

Surfactant Blending- 5400 gallon Stainless Steel Blend Tank

  • Thermal Heat Exchange capability
  • Process for bulk or package

High Speed Dispersers- (2)

  • Small batch capacity
  • High Viscosity blends
  • Powder/ solids incorporation
  • Process for package

Contact us to find out more about our blending capabilities.